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As part of 2013, ROCK BRIGHTON presents Andie Airfix at the

Airfix Lounge Master
at SPACE@CREATE, New England House, York Hill, Brighton, BN1 4GH


Andie Airfix has created some of the most memorable music designs of the last 30 years working with THE ROLLING STONES, METALLICA, DEF LEPPARD, DEAD OR ALIVE, AC/DC, LED ZEPPELIN & PAUL McCARTNEY, to name a few. Now, for the first time, he’s spilling the beans. This will be a unique opportunity to hear first-hand how iconic designs are created for legendary music stars in the inspirational, unpredictable and sometimes utterly insane world of Pop Music and Rock'n'Roll.

As part of Brighton Fringe (starting on 4th May 2013) the Airfix Lounge celebrates Andie Airfix’s
art and design work with an exhibition and 11 ticketed Talks inspired by the huge success of Airfix’s

If anyone has been there, done that and got the t-shirt it's 'legendary graphic designer' (thank you Popbitch) Andie Airfix. In fact he designed the t-shirt, the album sleeve, the singles, the posters, the tour programme - everything!

Highly entertaining, often hilarious and possibly libellous, the
AIRFIX LOUNGE is an inspiration to both designers and music fans alike.

The EXHIBITION – 'Work'n'Progress' (free) (May 6th-25th 10-6 daily except Mondays)

The free exhibition (May 6th - 25th) will feature iconic Airfix designs, unpublished work, original art, roughs, typography & logo designs and will evolve and expand over the three weeks as we delve deeper and deeper into the Airfix Archives.
Also available – LIMITED EDITION PRINTS signed by Andie Airfix (including 2 NEW Metallica editions), vintage Airfix t-shirts and original gift items for Rock'n'Rollers.

The TALKS (all Talks at 7.30pm except Sundays at 3.00pm)

MUSIC DESIGN 1 - 'Early Days. Just Do It!' (May 12/19/24) BOOK TICKETS HERE
Starting out • 80’s graphics • Destroying cars with PETE BURNS • BOWIE and the BLITZ KIDS • Customs meltdown with THOMPSON TWINS • Logos and Type • Pre-computer design techniques• Who really painted the ‘Bostin’ Steve Austin’ album sleeve? • New directions • MORE • Q&A's

MUSIC DESIGN 2 - 'Latter Days. Expanding Horizons' (May 8/15)
Double catastrophe at opening night of ROLLING STONES tour • Invaluable lessons from PAUL McCARTNEY • Photography • The ZEPPELIN challenge • Airfix tackles World Tours – AC/DC, GUNS’N’ROSES, PAGE & PLANT • Computers • A Royal Commission • MORE • Q&A's

DEF LEPPARD - 'Breaking the Rock’n’Rules' (May 10/11) BOOK TICKETS HERE
A daunting brief for ‘Pyromania’ • Searching for diamonds in Dublin • 4 years (!) creating the 'Hysteria' sleeve • Stadium Rock comes of age • Why did the original idea for ‘Hysteria’ have to change after 3 years work? • ‘Pyromanis & 9/11 • Introducing computer graphics • MORE • Q&A's

METALLICA - 'Getting the Shit to the Fans.' (May 17/18) BOOK TICKETS HERE
The Black Album Tour • ‘Live Shit – Binge and Purge’ • Radical new design direction for the band • Designer’s worst nightmare • Tour shocker at Madison Square Gardens • Fans are everything •
VICTOR's story • ‘Garage Days’, San Francisco • ‘S&M’, Berlin • MORE • Q&A's

Airfix Lounge Roundel

“Andie – you f*ckin’ rock! – Lars” (Fax (!) from Lars Ulrich of Metallica)

Andie is available for interview: e-mail &

Brighton Fringe box office 01273 917272
VENUE: SPACE@CREATE, New England House, York Hill, Brighton, BN1 4GH
(5 mins walk from Brighton Station.)

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